About us


Services we provide:

  • All aspects of proper plant health care

  • Private consultations before construction

  • Annual walkthroughs to proactively evaluate your trees

  • Post-storm damage walkthroughs to assess any hazards left by storms

  • Tree studies for municipal construction permits and zoning

  • Advice about proper tree selection 

  • Tree and shrub plantings

Our estimates include:

  • Thorough clean up and haul away of all debris

  • Placing plywood to prevent ruts or to distribute truck weight

  • Closing gates for safety of residents, children, and pets

  • Professional appearance and attitudes from each of our team members

Our scheduling process:
We typically send proposals via mail or e-mail by request. You will receive a phone call to confirm that you received your bid. If you choose to accept the proposal feel free to sign it and send it on back into us. Once, we have received your signed proposal we will get you on the schedule as soon as possible and let you know the tenative time you are scheduled. Due to weather and unforseen circumstances the schedule can change quite often. We will be sure to give you another call 1-2 business days ahead of our crew's arrival. 


Certificates of Liability and Workman's Compensation Insurance are available upon request. They will be mailed to you directly from our broker with your property listed as the additionally insured. As with any contractor you hire, protect yourself from any personal injury or property damage during home improvement projects. 


Droege Tree Care, Inc


Telephone : 314-863-1903

Fax : 314-863-6649
Email : natalie@droegetreecare.com or colleen@droegetreecare.com

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Please let us know how we did on a recent project by either e-mailing us or putting a note in your invoice. We love to hear about what went well in addition to any areas we can improve in!


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